February 2018

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Editorial: Expectations for Growth
D. Kurkul

Washington Alert: Commerce Department Submits Steel and Aluminum Trade Reports to President

By The Law: Encouraging Employee Innovation
D. Resser

Novel Solutions: Branding Yourself: Which Social Platforms Work Best For You? 
Staff Report

How to Recruit New Workers, B. Sandalow
Crucial as ever, finding new employees remains a key challenge for metalcasters. They are using both new and old methods to keep their workforces full.

Cost Factors and Analysis in Estimating, AFS Institute
Creating a cost estimating model ranks among the most important steps in business planning and budgeting, and it starts with knowing the detailed factors and costs that go into producing a casting.

Tracking Down Respirable Silica Exposure, R. Ferrell, R. Scholz
An AFS Research Project is working to develop and demonstrate a real-time personal sampling method for foundries to use as part of their silica exposure control programs.

Heat Transfer Coefficients for Aluminum Permanent Mold Casting, M. de Oliveira, H. Renegar, S. Govindaswamy, P. Kovalenko, M. Sanchez-Araiza
A casting case study shows how using an inverse method in casting process modeling can be used to improve quality.

Experiences in a New Degassing Concept, B. Began, R. Simon
A new model can help identify ways to reduce cycle time and the amount of consumables used for more effective degassing.

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