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December 2017

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Editorial: AFS and FEF: Attracting the Next Generation
D. Kurkul

Washington Alert: Labor Department Appeals Ruling in Overtime Case, Sets Stage for New Rulemaking

By The Law: Patent Trolls Exist
D. Resser

Smart Energy: Radiant Heat Loss: Do You Really Know What It’s Costing You?
R. Eppich, C. Belt, J. Wiczer, B. Reinke

Novel Solutions: Anticipatory Organizations Know the Future, and So Can You
R. Jefferson

Alliant Castings’ Pattern of Progress, S. Wetzel
The small abrasion resistant iron casting facility keeps focused on its alloy niche while pushing for continuous technological improvements like 3-D printing that optimize and maximize its resources.

Census of World Casting Production: Global Casting Production Growth Stalls, A Modern Casting Staff Report
Worldwide casting production grew by less than half a percent for the second year in a row in 2016. 

Interactive Timeline: Trends in World Casting Production, 1966-2016

Sustainability in Metalcasting: The Green Foundry Project, AFS Environmental Health & Safety Division
Five case studies show how metalcasters were able to improve their efficiency by implementing green practices.

Development and Casting of High Cerium Content Aluminum Alloys, D. Weiss
A pilot casting study looked at the promising aluminum-cerium alloy system that exhibits good mechanical properties at high temperatures.

B&L The Next Generation in Foundry ERP Software.