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November 2017

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Editorial: The Game-Changer Issue        
S. Wetzel

Washington Alert: Department of Commerce Releases Report on Domestic Manufacturing Burdens
S. Salmon, J. Hannapel and C. Richter

Investigating Microporosity Formation in Low-Lead Cu-Based Alloys, A. Kelley, R. Foley, J. Griffin, C. Monroe
Understanding the parameters that influence the behavior of bismuth in solution is paramount when attempting to optimize its porosity-reducing effects in copper alloys. 

Considerations for PPE in Melting & Pouring for Foundries, A Modern Casting Staff Report
PPE requirements mean that each job and related work activity should be evaluated for risk, and that hazard assessments are crucial parts of safety.

Preparing for ISO 9001:2015, S. Wetzel
A revised version of the ISO 9001 standard was launched in September 2015. The ultimate deadline to transition is September 15, 2018. What big differences can foundries expect as they update their quality management systems?

Editorial Index
We’ve compiled the past year’s feature articles from Modern Casting and Metal Casting Design & Purchasing.

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