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August 2017

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Editorial: The Convincing Case Against OSHA's Silica Rule
D. Kurkul

Washington Alert: Treasury Department Targets Several Tax Rules for Possible Changes 

Novel Solutions: A Mind for Numbers
R. Jefferson

Smart Energy: Continuous Energy Benchmarking for the Metalcasting Industry
B. Reinke

Osco Delivers, S. Wetzel
AFS Corporate Member Osco Industries has finetuned its business to deliver quality parts with a short lead time by committing to gray iron, adding flexibility through inventory, and conservative revenue management.

Focus on Safety: Hearing Loss Prevention, T. Schorn
The largest single category of contribution to recordable illness in metalcasting facilities is hearing loss, and more can be done to reduce its occurrence.

Cast in Place: Integrating Non-Cast Components into Castings, G. Korff and T. Stewart
3-D printing helped a turbine manufacturer improve the dimensional accuracy of a part while adding flexibility to the tooling for streamlined production.  

I Have Inclusions! Determining the Best Cost Saving Approach, R. Gallo
This is the first of a two-part series providing a guideline to better understand the interrelated aspects between oxides, inclusions, dross, fluxes and molten metal quality.

Evaluating Iron Filter Print Designs–30 Years Later, B. Dickinson, T. Midea, A. Adams
Minor filter print design changes can significantly affect molten metal flow characteristics.

Robotic Additive Manufacturing Viridis 3D
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