Didion: See How One brass foundry reclaimed $321,867 in three months.

July 2017

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Editorial: Thinking Local
S. Wetzel

Washington Alert: EPA Extends
Deadline for 2015 Ozone Standard

Novel Solutions: Feeling Smart
S. Wetzel

Industry Eyes Changing Tides in Washington, A Modern Casting Staff Report
Regulatory reform, tax reform, trade, silica and infrastructure are priority legislative issues for the U.S. metalcasting industry this year.  

Reshoring and Metalcasting: Why It Matters, A Modern Casting Staff Report
With reshoring on the upswing, metalcasters can take advantage of its benefits to help their companies succeed.

Frazier & Frazier Knows Its Way, S. Wetzel
The Texas metalcasting facility relies on metallurgical controls, technology and training to provide excellent customer service.

Validating Process Simulation to Experimentation for Reinforced Sand Molds, Y. Lu, H. Wang, A. Luo, K. Ripplinger
Simulation results confirmed the locations of stress concentration and demonstrated accuracy with the actual temperature profiles and cracking locations.

Cyber Security: Are You Safe? E. Aparnieks
The manufacturing industry, including metalcasters, is the third most targeted industry for malicious cyber attacks.

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