GK Foundry Safety

April 2017

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Editorial: On the Leading Edge of the Industry
D. Kurkul

Washington Alert: Congress Approves Resolution to Overturn Volks Recordkeeping Rule

Smart Energy: Plant Energy Benchmarking for the Metalcasting Industry
B. Reinke

By The Law: Trade Secret Protection
D. Resser

PRL Spreads Its Wings, B. Sandalow
With four different facilities, PRL Inc. manages to keep itself organized and progressing while providing a diverse range of choices for customers.

Jump Starting 3-D Printing With FDM and FFF, S. Wetzel
Fused deposition modeling and fused filament fabrication technology offers a low-cost entry point to 3-D printed patterns.

The Many Dimensions of 3-D Printing, A Modern Casting Staff Report
3-D printing has applications in many parts of the metalcasting industry and allows facilities and clients to achieve numerous different constructions and positive outcomes.

Using a Complexity Factor to Calculate Cost Benefits of 3-D Sand Printing, E. Almaghariz, B. Conner, L. Lenner, R. Gullapalli, G. Manogharan, B. Lamoncha, M. Fang
A part complexity-based cost metric has been developed to analyze decisions for economically viable implementation of 3-D sand printing.  

Optimized Durability Prediction of Cast Iron Based on Local Microstructure, C. Thomser, M. Bodenburg, J. Sturm
A casting design where the application load and weight are optimized is only achievable if the designer can fully unlock the potential of the material.


Robotic Additive Manufacturing Viridis 3D