GK Foundry Safety

January 2017

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EDITORIAL: Flip The Calendar, S. Wetzel

Washington Alert: OSHA Issues Final Rule Clarifying Employers’ Recordkeeping Obligations

Novel Solutions: Manage Your Time, B. Sandalow

2017 Forecast: Most Markets to See Small Gains, A MODERN CASTING Staff Report
Following an overall down year for casting shipments in 2015, a moderate increase is expected through 2019.

19 Tips for Additive Manufacturing Design, A MODERN CASTING Staff Report
3-D printing offers more design flexibility than traditional manufacturing methods, but it also has some unique constraints.

The Challenges and Benefits of Implementing a CNC Grinder, O. Bautista
The grinding and finishing processes have been historically one of the most difficult to show high efficiency values in the metalcasting industry due to the nature of the process itself.

Cast Steel Foam for Lightweight Strength, H, Roshan
A possible breakthrough in casting steel with a foam-like structure could challenge traditional wrought-steel applications.

Sail Away With Castings, A MODERN CASTING Staff Report
Cast parts are critical to the marine industry. They are used in rigging hardware, engine design, and functional applications like anchors, propellers, and handles.

EZX Wheel