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September 2016

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Editorial: Ownership in Innovation, Shannon Wetzel

Washington Alert: White House Issues new Greenhouse Gas Guidance for Federal Agencies

Industry Faces: Carpenter Reflects on Long Run in Business

Saguenay Foundry Protects Its Future, Shannon Wetzel
Saguenay Foundry's innovative and envelope-pushing philosophy has led to a thriving business with a clear path into the company's next phase.

Outstanding Quality Management Using Team Management, Sara Joyce
Developing a quality program in your metalcasting facility takes a concerted plan and cooperation from all levels of your company.

Tool Design Meets Challenges, Modern Casting Staff Report
When a parts design is already locked in but proving difficult to produce, the solutions must be found in creative tooling and casting process procedures.

Several No-Lead Copper Alloy Options for Water Components, AFS Copper Alloy Division 3
Metalcasters have a variety of no-lead copper alloys to chose from to make cast components for potable water systems, and each alloy requires specific practices when converting from leaded alloys.


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