September 2016

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Editorial: Ownership in Innovation, Shannon Wetzel

Washington Alert: White House Issues new Greenhouse Gas Guidance for Federal Agencies

Industry Faces: Carpenter Reflects on Long Run in Business

Saguenay Foundry Protects Its Future, Shannon Wetzel
Saguenay Foundry's innovative and envelope-pushing philosophy has led to a thriving business with a clear path into the company's next phase.

Outstanding Quality Management Using Team Management, Sara Joyce
Developing a quality program in your metalcasting facility takes a concerted plan and cooperation from all levels of your company.

Tool Design Meets Challenges, Modern Casting Staff Report
When a parts design is already locked in but proving difficult to produce, the solutions must be found in creative tooling and casting process procedures.

Several No-Lead Copper Alloy Options for Water Components, AFS Copper Alloy Division 3
Metalcasters have a variety of no-lead copper alloys to chose from to make cast components for potable water systems, and each alloy requires specific practices when converting from leaded alloys.


Most efficient cleaning with dry ice