Didion: See How One brass foundry reclaimed $321,867 in three months.

July 2016

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Editorial: Impact on Society, A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: House Approves Bill to Delay and Modify Ozone Rules

By The Law: Intellectual Property Law and Metalcasting

Casting a Solution for Football? 
B. Sandalow
Zuti Facemasks and Acra Cast are producing a new face mask for football helmets  that look cool and might help the sport reduce concussions.

Industry Roadmap Gives Direction,
S. Wetzel
A newly released document identifies the metalcasting industry's gaps in capabilities and identifies the tasks and outcomes required to fill them.

Southwest Steel Moving Forward, A Modern Casting Staff Report
The Texas metalcaster has found ways to be a leader in safety as it pursues new
avenues to help customers.

Controlling Exposures to Air Contaminants, T. Slavin and R. Scholz
A performance-based approach to selecting air contaminant controls can
help metalcasters achieve the greatest amount of success in optimizing
their exposure control performance.

Predicting Casting Dimensions With Computer Process Modeling
J. Thiel and S. Ravi
Accurately measuring the high temperature dimensional changes in molding
materials has shed new light on additional sources of dimensional variation
in final casting dimensions.

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