May 2016

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Editorial: A Positive Perspective, A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: Opening Briefs Filed on EPA's New Ozone Regulations

Casting of the Year: Magnesium Liftgate Cuts Weight, Adds Value, S. Wetzel
Meridian Lightweight Technologies and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles teamed up on this year's award-winning casting-the first high volume application of the structural magnesium part.

CastExpo Rallies the Supply Chain to Minneapolis, Modern Casting Staff Report
Attendees from suppliers, metalcasters and end-users convened in Minnesota for the once-every-three-years event.

Product Developments on the Show Floor, Modern Casting Staff Report
Exhibitors from all parts of the supply chain presented their products to attendees of CastExpo in Minneapolis.

The Next Steps in Metalcasting Development, Modern Casting Staff Report
A sampling of presentations from CastExpo in Minneapolis focused on new ways to move the industry forward.

Trends in X-Ray Casting Defect Recognition, J. Robbins
Advancement in assisted defect recognition can improve X-ray inspection in metalcasting facilities for consistent results and shorter inspection times.

Robotic Additive Manufacturing Viridis 3D