February 2016

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Editorial: A Purchasing Evolution, A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: OSHA's Silica Rule Moves to OMB

Safe Practice: OSHA Updates Hazard Communication Standards

CEO Journal: Updating Our Reality

Casting Complexity in Conformable Tank, N. Leider
Michigan’s REL Inc. aims to improve natural gas storage with an aluminum casting produced via a modified low pressure permanent mold process.

Gaining Customers by Degrees, S. Wetzel
Cast-in heating and cooling elements are crucial to a diverse range of temperature-based applications served by Cast Aluminum Solutions.

Converting a Sand System, G. Swansiger and B. Albritton
One case study shows how converting a steel casting facility’s olivine sand system to a phenolic-based chromite/silica system requires planning, cooperation and tight controls.

New Alternative Low-Lead Copper Alloy Shows Promise, AFS Copper Alloy Division
C83470 is a viable option to produce castings that will be in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act or other standards requiring castings to be low in lead.

A Case for Low Pressure Sand Casting of Aluminum,  F. Chiesa and J. Baril
Low pressure sand molding holds a distinct combination of advantages for large aluminum castings.

Casting Workshop USA 2018
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