December 2015

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Editorial: Is Cast Iron Cookware the Key? A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Released

CEO Journal: Teachable Moments

Feeding Hungry Customers, S. Wetzel
With sales doubling in the last six years, Lodge Manufacturing Co. is rising to the challenge of fulfilling customer cravings for cast iron cookware, starting with the addition of a new molding line, melting area and sand system.

49th Census of World Casting Production, MC Staff Report
Global casting production continued its upward trend in 2014, growing by 2.4 million metric tons, a 2.3% increase compared to the previous year’s total.

OSHA Plans Release of Final Silica Rule in 2016, MC Staff Report
Congressional intervention to negate the rule likely will be vetoed by the President.

Bionic Castings, MC Staff Report
Metals and various casting processes are crucial to important medical developments that have been perceived as miraculous—saving not just lives but also quality of life.

Comparing Sand Additives in Steel Castings,  R. Showman & E. Scheller
Metals Adjustments in additives and binders can lead to significant differences in mold properties and quality in steel castings.

EZX Wheel