GK Foundry Safety

October 2015

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Editorial: Engineering Answers, A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: EPA Issues Final Rule for Secondary Aluminum NESHAP

CEO Journal: Coming to Terms With Accountability

Cast Tip: Managing and Reducing Variability in Castings

Talladega Pattern’s Plunge Into Automation, S. Wetzel
A small green sand nonferrous job shop answered the pull of customer demand with its first automatic molding line and sand system.

Fall River Foundry Packs One-Two Punch, N. Leider
The brass caster wanted to add a second automated pouring line but first needed to improve its sand system. Now, after a two-year, $4-million investment, the facility has revamped its sand and molding operations.

Material Handling: Go With Flow, Modern Casting Staff
Every metalcasting facility is unique, but a department-by-department examination may highlight ways to improve operations and reduce costs.

Flexibility and Automation in Small Metalcasting Facilities, R. Wadhwa
Two case studies illustrate how automation can be implemented in a small metalcasting facility in order to react to today’s global manufacturing demands for quickly delivered customized parts.

Testing 1-2-3: New As-Cast Ductile Iron Raises Bar for Properties, S. Mendez, U. De la Torre, P. Larranaga, R. Suarez, D. Stefanescu
Researchers are developing ductile iron that features properties similar to ADI without heat treatment.

Most efficient cleaning with dry ice
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