Spectral analysis without compromise.

September 2015

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Editorial: Putting a Ding in the Universe, A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: OSHA Updates Amputation Emphasis Program

Novel Solutions: Lessons in Agility

CPP’s Business Upgrade, N. Leider
Bankrupt less than a decade ago, the CPP-Minneapolis aluminum casting facility has developed into its parent company’s flagship operation thanks to renewed investment and business discipline.

Emission Reduction Possibilities With Structural Castings, S. Wetzel
Magna International and Ford Motor Co.’s multi-material lightweight vehicle embodies the full possibilities of weight reduction using lighter materials and the metalcasting process.

Implementing an ERP & Making It Work, J. Okhuysen Valle
A ferrous casting facility shares its successes and obstacles in establishing an ERP within its operation.

Dynamic Testing of Green Sand, S. Ramrattan, M. Khoshgoftar and H. Makino
Can metalcasters better monitor sand properties by adopting newly developed testing methods?

Dalton Foundry Uses Technology to Benefit Customer, S. Wetzel
The gray iron casting facility utilized new technology for stress analysis and mold-making to solve a customer’s quality and lead-time issues.

Most efficient cleaning with dry ice