GK Foundry Safety

August 2015

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Editorial: Finding Solutions, A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: OSHA Issues New Hazard Communication Standard Inspection Directive

Safe Practice: Simplifying OSHA’s Record Retention Requirements

CEO Journal: HR’s New Frontier: Retention, Part 2

Optimizing Melting Expansion at ME Elecmetal, P. Henriksen and T. Needham
Adding capacity is not as simple as adding a furnace.

Tonkawa the Tough, H. Ronson
In the wake of suffering significant damage, a heartland metalcasting facility modernized its operation and melted away challenges with a little help from its friends.

Aluminum Degassing: Methods & Measurements, Modern Casting Staff Report
To produce quality aluminum castings, metalcasters must remove excessive hydrogen in the molten metal, while conducting tests to be sure they did.

10 Questions for Metalcasters on Fine Particulate, T. Rarick and D. Guido
The regulation of particulate matter may have a significant impact on newly built or updated metalcasting facilities.

Solving Customer’s Problems, Modern Casting Staff Report
Examples show how metalcasters collaborate with customers on design and process improvements.

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