Didion: See How One brass foundry reclaimed $321,867 in three months.

July 2015

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Editorial: GIFA’s Metalcasting Playground, A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: New Rules Top
OSHA’s Spring Agenda

Novel Solutions: Fun With Economics?

Aarrowcast’s Sophisticated Strategy,
S. Wetzel
An ambitious predictive maintenance plan started four years ago is paying off in reduced maintenance costs and improved uptime at Aarrowcast, while an expanding alloy line is attracting new customers and new work.

Common Questions, Expert Answers, N. Leider
Top industry experts in tooling and patternmaking discuss common concerns related to the metalcasting industry and casting end-users.

Synthetic Solution for Molds and Cores? S. Giese and R. Ferreira
An investigation looks at how sintered bauxite holds up to the demanding thermal conditions of the casting process.

GIFA Spotlights the Future of Industry, S. Wetzel
Metalcasters from around the world convened in Dusseldorf, Germany, to see and touch the latest developments in equipment, services and technology.

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