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Supplier Prospectus

This 2015-16 Supplier Prospectus presented by MODERN CASTING serves as a tool metalcasters can use during capital investments, production improvements and day-to-day inventory management. These company profiles present information on leading metalcasting industry suppliers to help metalcasters build their knowledge of the services and solutions available. Browse through the listings page by page, or use the company index below to quickly reference companies specific to a category.

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ABP Induction LLC
Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corp.
Andriz Metals, Inc.
ASK Chemicals
B&L Information Systems, Inc.
Baoding Well Foundry Machinery
Can-Eng Furnaces International, Ltd.
Didion International, Inc.
Finite Solutions, Inc.
General Kinematics Corp.
Gradient Lens Corp.
Guardian Software Systems, Inc.
Henschel Andromat Inc.
Hickman Williams & Co.
Hoosier Pattern, Inc.
Hunter Foundry Machinery Corp.
Inductotherm Corp.
MAGMA Foundry Technologies, Inc.
NUTEC Bickley
Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.
Roberts Sinto Corp.
The Schaefer Group
Tapco Inc.
The Exone Co.
Tinker Omega Manufacturing LLC
Viking Technologies
Vulcan Engineering Co.
WSF Industries, Inc.