Didion: See How One brass foundry reclaimed $321,867 in three months.

April 2015

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Editorial: Just Thinking (Stuff) Up, A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: Metalcaster Testifies on Regulatory Relief       

Novel Solutions: The More the Merrier?

CEO Journal: True Cost of Scrap

Cast Tip: Control Liquid Metal, Limit Oxide Inclusions

Honda, Alotech Win Casting of the Year, S. Wetzel
The winning ablation-cast space frame nodes represent the design advances achieved through close collaboration among R&D, material and design engineers, and casting technology experts.

On the Fast Track, N. Leider
A mechanical engineer uses 3-D printing to rapidly prototype cast components for one-of-a-kind bicycle designs.

Improving Energy Efficiency With Customized Monitoring Tools, J. Wiczer and M. Wiczer
Highly adaptable, real-time measurement tools can measure and remotely monitor power-use and process status parameters to improve energy efficiency in metalcasting facilities.

Testing 1-2-3: Material of the Future, S. Ravi and J. Thiel
Researchers developed 3-D-printed molding methods and materials to provide exceptional design flexibility while simplifying production of titanium castings.

Casting Workshop USA 2018