GK Foundry Safety

January 2015

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Editorial: Education Engagement,
A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: OSHA Releases 2015 Regulatory Plans

Shaping Strategy: 7 Bottom Line-Increasing
New Year’s Resolutions

Industry to See Continued Short-Term Growth, A Modern Casting Staff Report
U.S. casting sales are forecast to grow moderately in all metals through 2016, and then flatten out in the long term through 2023.

State of the Union,
A Modern Casting Staff Report
Modern Casting breaks down the U.S. metalcasting industry by material, process and state.

Investment Casting Metal Matrix Composites, P. Mikkola and B. Willson
The design freedoms inherent in investment casting help keep aluminum metal matrix composites cost effective.

Clean, Safe, Productive Steel Finishing, N. Vanbecelaere and S. Chavez
American Foundry Group’s finishing department renovation greatly improved operations.

Understanding the Heat, Improving the Shell, A Modern Casting Staff Report
Researchers hope to improve investment casting shell performance by building a database of thermal properties.

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