GK Foundry Safety

December 2014

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Editorial: Watch the Pendulum Swing,
A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: GOP Takes Senate Majority

CEO Journal: I Take It Back

Novel Solution: Think Like a Rookie

Steady Growth in Global Output,
A Modern Casting Staff Report
The 48th Census of World Casting Production.

Is Sand Supply a Casting Concern?
D. Jablonski and N. Leider
The immediate future for the industrial sand market appears to have stabilized amid the fracking boom. Take a look at supply and demand issues that could impact your operation.

What Do the Numbers Mean? S. Honeyman
Find out which sand tests you should be doing on a regular basis and what aspects of your sand system the tests are measuring that will help you produce good castings.

Castings Go Classical, A Modern Casting Staff Report
From applications around the orchestra hall to those that actually make music, metal castings play a vital role in ensuring the symphony stays in tune.

Rooting Out Respirable Crystalline Silica, E. Pylkas and R. Scholz
An advanced method helps metalcasters determine the causes of exposure.

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