GK Foundry Safety

September 2014

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Editorial: It’s the Sum of the Data, A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: OSHA Examining Revisions to Electronic Reporting Rule

Shaping Strategy: What Would You Pay for $100?

AUDIO RESOURCE: Advanced Discussion

Safe Practice: Efforts Strengthen Chemical Safety in the Workplace

St. Marys Foundry’s Employee-Owners Aim Big, D. Kapel
The company has rebuilt a century-old business into a trusted supplier of highly engineered cast iron parts.

Predicting, Preventing Core Gas Defects in Steel Castings, L. Xue, M. Carter, A. Catalina, Z. Lin, C. Qiu and C. Li
Modeling and analyzing core gas evolution and metal solidification behavior can aid in the prediction and prevention of porosity caused by core gas.

New Possibilities for High Strength Aluminum, Y. Fasoyinu, D. Weiss and J. Shah
Traditionally cast in green sand, A206 aluminum may be a viable alloy for permanent mold castings.

Branch Out to Prevent Failures in the Field, T. Schorn
Resolve warranty risk through fault tree analysis.

Knowledge Management Using Digital Dashboards, N. Rankis
Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe developed a customized real-time data tracking system that provides useful production charts to aid in better decision-making.

MEDIA RESOURCE: ASCIPC’s Digital Dashboards

Most efficient cleaning with dry ice