Didion: See How One brass foundry reclaimed $321,867 in three months.

MC August 2014

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Editorial: Managing Human Capital, A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: Bill to Make Scientific Claims in Regulation More Transparent

Novel Solutions: Fighting for a U.S. Industry

CEO Journal: A More Nuanced View

Employee Engagement, D. Kapel
Alberta, Canada’s Lethbridge Iron Works reinvents itself mid-expansion to ensure its future.

Rethinking Repair & Relining Procedures, R. Wandel and E. Benion Sr.
Through detailed evaluation and analysis of its operations, one iron casting facility resolved issues related to its coreless induction furnaces.

Bubbling Smaller Steel Melts, S. Boyd and R. Boyd
Nova Precision Casting installed a porous plug in a crucible lined induction furnace to treat steel with argon gas.

Direct Pour Vs. Traditional Gating, F. Chiesa, N. Giguère, D. Levasseur and B. Duchesne
A study comparing direct pouring and traditional gating for an aluminum blade showed direct pouring increases yield and improves costs and mold making.

Building Better Ships, S. Wetzel
The Navy Metalworking Center collaborated with Lockheed Martin to redesign components as castings in a new type of ship.

MEDIA RESOURCE: Aquatic Castings Photo Gallery

Robotic Additive Manufacturing Viridis 3D