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MC July 2014

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Editorial: Answers May Be Simple, But Execution Is Key, A.T. Spada

Washington Alert: President Signs Water Infrastructure Bill

Safe Practice: I2P2 On Back Burner, Hazard Assessment Remains a Priority

Shaping Strategies: Do You Make This Basic Marketing Mistake?

Nobake Solves a Size Challenge, A MODERN CASTING Staff Report
Victaulic’s long-term plan to produce very large iron castings culminated in its first nobake molding line at a new site in Mexico.

Green Sand Testing Aptitude, V. Lafay
A combination of tests can determine how core sands and recycled additives impact the properties of green sand.

Testing 1-2-3: Eliminating Veining Defects, A MODERN CASTING Staff Report
Simulation software and lab testing methods were used to pinpoint why the defect occurs and how to avoid it.

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Success Strategies for Job Shops, S. Ershov
A veteran casting buyer lends his view on cultivating a business that can weather any economic storm.

Custom Collaboration Yields Rapid Results, D. Kapel
Polaris Industries teamed up with Craft Pattern & Mold to solve a steel fabrication conversion design challenge on a line of custom motorcycles.

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