GK Foundry Safety

MC February 2014

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Editorial: "Knowledge is Power," A. T. Spada

Data-Driven Decisions, S. Wetzel
Palmer Foundry is using statistical analysis of its equipment, raw materials and environment to operate more efficiently and intelligently.

Cooling is Crucial, S. Hunter
Smart system design and maintenance keep induction melt operations running.

Cannon Goes Light With Steel Alloy, G. Burrow
Steel's high yield strength and tolerance of deflection without damage helped keep the weight low in a 15-piece fabrication to casting conversion.

Hybrid Metal Casting, F. Chiesa, G. Morin, B. Tougas, J.F. Corriveau
Low pressure permanent mold overcasting optimizes part characteristics.

Testing 1-2-3: Quality Stabilization in Aluminum Die Castings, A MODERN casting Staff Report
A series of tests shows the impact of carbon-based coatings in aluminum diecasting operations.

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Most efficient cleaning with dry ice