GK Foundry Safety

MC October 2013

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Editorial: Can You Re-Engineer? A.T. Spada

Lead Free in the “Live Free” State, D. Kapel
Watts Water Technologies built a new U.S. facility to bring lead-free production back from China.

VIDEO RESOURCE: Tour the New Lead-Free Plant

Laying Track for Growth,  K. Eman
A booming producer of cast railway track looked for a way to engineer an expansion while using as much of its existing space and equipment as possible.

Evaluating Equipment Performance, J. Craig
Track key determining factors in the decision to refurbish or upgrade machinery.

Designing Optimal Gating Systems for Iron Castings, L. Smiley and D. Schmidt
Computer simulations and an understanding of iron-specific melting characteristics can reduce time and costs related to defective castings.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Full Technical Article

Aluminum’s Dynamic Capabilities, N. Leider
A mammoth project for the University of Wisconsin from a nearby metalcasting facility aids research into the nature of the universe.

VIDEO RESOURCE: Installation of the UW-Madison Dynamo

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