MC September 2013

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MCSeptCover13Editorial: Move Over, YouTube, A.T. Spada

Zealous Shifts Gears to Focus On Aluminum, Modern Casting Staff and B. Crawford
The South African diecaster invested $6 million in its facilities, and it paid off with increased orders from automotive OEMs.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Zealous Metalcasting Facility Slideshow

Digital Casting Management, D. Kapel
Software enhances operations and allows critical shop-floor data to be shared between production zones and management.

VIDEO RESOURCE: Process Control

Comparing Green Sand Filling Technology Using a Quick Technique, S. Ramrattan, A. Khoshgoftar, H. Makino, M. Hirata, S. Takasu and H. Miyazaki
Researchers at Western Michigan University used a modified cone jolt test to compare gravity and aeration sand filling techniques.

VIDEO RESOURCE: Modified Cone Jolt Sand Test

Keys to Success in Semi-Permanent Mold Casting, B. Braun, R. Oehrlein and D. Weiss
Sand cores in permanent mold aluminum castings create challenges that call for experience, persistence and creativity.

Proving Process Control With PPAP, S. Wetzel
A growing number of customers require their metalcasting suppliers to adhere to a production part approval process.

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