MC July 2013

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Editorial: Good News is Good News, A.T. Spada

Metalcaster of the Year: Safety is a Culture, D. Kapel
NIBCO cultivates a safety-oriented mindset among all of its associates. The result significantly improved performance and a safety program to admire.

Cannon Goes Light With Steel Alloy, G. Burrow
Steel’s high yield strength and tolerance of deflection without damage helped keep the weight low in a 15-piece fabrication to casting conversion.

Collaboration Across the Supply Chain, B. Steffen
Teamwork ensured the success of an investment cast military part.

Updating Lab Testing for Nobake Molds, A. Oman, S. Ramrattan, M. Keil
The development of a new thermal distortion tester for nobake processes could provide additional information on variations in the mold.

Testing 1-2-3: Revealing Local Mechanical Properties in CGI, A MODERN CASTING Staff Report
Fine-tuning prediction models to account for variations in microstructure could help unlock the full potential of cast materials.

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