MC February 2013

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Editorial: Build a Bridge, A.T. Spada

Casting Conversion Offers Hybrid Opportunity, J. Knuerr
A hybrid sports sedan relies on a high pressure diecast transmission housing.

Acuity Brands’ Light Idea, S. Wetzel
A rapid tooling method is to thank for Acuity’s antique-looking lights that may line your neighborhood streets. S. WetzeL

7 Ways to Avoid Shrinkage Defects, D. White
The answer to improving your casting quality could be in the part’s metallurgy, tooling or molding practices.

Cultivating Knowledgeable Customers, D. Kapel
Benton Foundry has opened a “Discovery Center” for casting buyers and students.

Testing 1-2-3: Cutting Energy Costs in Steel Casting Facilities, A MODERN CASTING Staff Report
Researchers at Missouri S&T analyze methods for improving melting efficiency.

New Ultrasonic Casting Inspection Solution
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