MC December 2012

MC December 2012 Cover

Editorial:A Few Key Takeaways, A.T. Spada

Replacing Olivine Sand, S. Wetzel
A North American shortage of olivine sand has metalcasters looking for high-quality replacements.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Additional tech articles on olivine sand replacement.

46th Census of World Casting Production, A MODERN CASTING Staff Report
Results from the 2011 census show a return to pre-2008 casting shipment levels.

More Than a Makeover: Reinventing A & B, A MODERN CASTING Staff Report
Over the past couple of years, this metalcaster has made upgrades beyond what is easily spotted by the eye.

Fall Prevention Planning, M. Harms
While a fall cannot be forseen, taking the proper steps to prevent potential falls in a metalcasting facility can reduce the risk.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Additional information on safety planning.

Testing 1-2-3: Helium-Assisted Sand Casting, A MODERN CASTING Staff Report
Researchers explore flowing helium through a sand mold during the casting process in an attempt to enhance heat extraction.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Full technical paper on which the article is based.

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