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MC November 2012

MC November 2012 Full

Editorial: Through the Eyes of a Child, A.T. Spada

Meeting the Magnesium Challenge, D. Kapel
Automotive components using lightweight alloys are key as fuel costs rise and efficiency standards tighten. 

Online Resource: 2012 Casting Contest article

Calculating Total Cost, S. Wetzel
There is a new way of looking at part sourcing, and it could mean bringing casting jobs back to the U.S.

Testing 1-2-3: Determining the Worth for Multiple 100% Inspections, A MODERN CASTING Staff Report
Improving incoming product quality and the effectiveness of a visual inspection operation could mean fewer 100% inspections.

Online Resource: Technical paper on which this article is based.

Editorial Index
We compiled the year’s feature articles from MODERN CASTING and Metal Casting Design & Purchasing.  

2013 Buyer’s Guide
Includes Product Category Index, Product Index, Manufacturer’s Index, and Metals Associations

Casting Workshop USA 2018
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