Casting Competition

The AFS/Metal Casting Design & Purchasing Casting Competition is your chance to show the engineering and purchasing community what a metal casting can accomplish. Beyond the company recognition and industry public relations gained through the “best-in-class” castings, all entries will appear in Metal Casting Design & Purchasing magazine’s “Castings in Action” and “Casting Innovations” departments. The 2018 winners will be showcased at Cast in North America at Metalcasting Congress in April 2018.

Participation is open to all North American metalcasters and designers/users of metal castings. Previous entries may be resubmitted. Castings are sought in all metals, casting processes, end-use applications and sizes/weights. Click here for the entry form.

Independent judges will evaluate each entry on:

  • Benefits delivered to the casting customer.
  • The use of the casting process’ unique capabilities.
  • Contribution to growth and expansion of the casting market.

The deadline for submission has been extended to February 12, 2018. Please complete the form below (with any supplemental information) and send it, along with the casting, to:
Casting Competition’18,
1695 N. Penny Ln.
Schaumburg, IL 60173-4555. 

If you have any questions, contact or Casting Competition, 1695 N. Penny Lane, Schaumburg, IL 60173.

Award Winners from the 2017 Casting Competition

Aristo-Cast Inc. (Almont, Michigan) has won the AFS/Metal Casting Design & Purchasing Casting of the Year award for its aerospace lightweight seatback frame. Using design optimization software, the investment casting facility drastically reduced the weight of the seatback frame, which would result in extreme reduction in fuel costs over the life time of an aircraft compared to seatback frames machined from a single billet. Cast in magnesium in a mixture of solid, shell and lattice structures, the seatback frame places material only where it is needed to help reduce weight.

Eight other castings were honored as Best in Class or Honorable Mention winners.

Best in Class:

  • Magna Cosma Grenville Casting (Perth, Ontario, Canada) for an aluminum front sub-frame K cradle for the Chevy Volt.
  • Meridian Lightweight Technologies Inc./Ford Motor Co. (Strathroy, Ontario, Canada) for a magnesium sub-frame casting.
  • MPG Columbiana-Casting Technologies Division (Columbiana, Alabama) for a cast iron chainroll for 360 Yield Center.
  • Waupaca Foundry (Waupaca, Wisconsin) for a ductile iron lower control arm for Ford Motor Co. automotive suspension.

Honorable Mention:

  • American Castings (Pryor, Oklahoma) for a ductile iron sprayer boom support for the agriculture industry.
  • Dotson Iron Castings (Mankato, Minnesota) for a ductile iron cab mount bracket.
  • Franklin Bronze Precision Components (Franklin, Pennsylvania) for a stainless steel trough mounting bracket for material handling.
  • Tooling & Equipment International (Livonia, Michigan) for its aluminum EcoMotors opoc crankcase assembly.