Metalcasting Design & Purchasing Archives for 2015

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  • Cover for the November/December 2015 issue of MCDP

    November/December 2015

    The November/December issue of MCDP takes a look at how metal castings are saving lives. Features also focus on thin-walled die castings, printing sand cores and boosting aluminum-silicon's performance.

  • Cover for the September/October 2015 issue of MCDP

    September/October 2015

    A collaboration between an automotive giant and its casting supplier produced innovative strategies for reducing weight and emissions.

  • Cover for the July/August 2015 issue of MCDP

    July/August 2015

    The U.S. Capitol Dome is undergoing a facelift, thanks in part to a metalcasting facility in Utah. Also, take a look at a Q&A with industry experts in tooling and patternmaking.

  • Cover for the 2015 Casting Source Directory issue of MCDP

    2015 Casting Source Directory

    The Casting Source Directory provides listings of 2,500 metalcasters in North America serving all markets. Search by geographic location, casting process or alloy. The guide also includes casting reference materials for all processes and alloys.

  • Cover for the May/June 2015 issue of MCDP

    May/June 2015

    The primary feature in the May/June issue of Metal Casting Design & Purchasing names ablation-cast nodes from a Honda and Alotech partnership the 2015 Casting of the Year. Also, MCDP looks at developments in direct metal printing technologies.

  • Cover for the March/April 2015 issue of MCDP

    March/April 2015

    Before it thought about expanding globally, wheel end component manufacturer Accuride had to invest in its casting supply business. Also, feature stories examine copper and its many alloys and eight significant factors that will affect lead times.

  • Cover for the 2015 Metalcaster Prospectus issue of MCDP

    2015 Metalcaster Prospectus

    The 2015 Metalcaster Prospectus, presented by Metal Casting Design & Purchasing, serves as a tool for buyers and designers when sourcing cast components.

  • Cover for the January/February 2015 issue of MCDP

    January/February 2015

    The January/February issue of Metal Casting Design & Purchasing includes a comprehensive look at the metalcasting industry. Features focus on the global census of world casting production, the current state of the U.S. market and where the American industry is headed in the near future.

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