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  • Cover for the December 2014 issue of Modern Casting

    December 2014

    December’s MODERN CASTING features the 48th Census of World Casting Production, which reports the global industry expanded by 3.4 million tons. Also, feature stories explore silica sand supply issues, green sand testing and an advanced method to decrease exposure to crystalline silica.

  • Cover for the November 2014 issue of Modern Casting

    November 2014

    November’s MODERN CASTING features the annual Buyer's Guide, with a directory of listings to casting industry suppliers and service providers. The November issue also includes features on a medium-sized ductile iron caster in Northern Mexico, how government rules and regulations will impact the metalcasting industry, and how a test bar casting method can improve accuracy.

  • Cover for the October 2014 issue of Modern Casting

    October 2014

    The October issue of MODERN CASTING focuses on plant engineering, with profiles of one metalcaster who built a brand-new casting facility and another who has invested in fixing its equipment and operations. The issue also takes a look at calculating ROI in the 21st century and industry equipment investment.

  • Cover for the September 2014 issue of Modern Casting

    September 2014

    The September issue of MODERN CASTING takes a look at St. Marys Foundry, were the employee-owned facility has rebuilt a century-old business. Other features investigate the causes and solutions for core gas defects, new possibilities for casting a high strength aluminum alloy and methods of preventing failures in the field.

  • Cover for the September 2014 issue of Modern Casting

    September 2014

    This special supplement to MODERN CASTING features information on various suppliers to the metalcasting industry.

  • Cover for the August 2014 issue of Modern Casting

    August 2014

    August’s MODERN CASTING features three stories examining melting and pouring practice: a look in a ferrous facility that had trouble with furnace relining, the installation of a crucible-lined induction furnace in a steel casting plant, and a comparison of direct pour and tradition gating for a thin aluminum casting.

  • Cover for the July 2014 issue of Modern Casting

    July 2014

    July’s MODERN CASTING brings a trio of stories focused on sand molding and coremaking. This month’s issue looks at a nobake solution at Victaulic, an investigation of green sand testing and analysis of veining defects with tips to avoid them.

  • Cover for the June 2014 issue of Modern Casting

    June 2014

    The June issue of MODERN CASTING announces Aristo Cast as the 2014 Metalcaster of the Year. Also, we look at OSHA’s two-week public hearing on its proposed silica rule to reduce permissible exposure limit to silica before it submits a final draft.

  • Cover for the May 2014 issue of Modern Casting

    May 2014

    In this Modern Casting issue, Aarrowcast Inc. wins the Casting of the Year competition, plus a recap of the 118th Metalcasting Congress and technical article on cast aluminum solidification.

  • Cover for the 2014-2015 Supplier Prospectus issue of Modern Casting

    2014-2015 Supplier Prospectus

    The 2014-2015 Supplier Prospectus, presented by Modern Casting, serves as a tool for metalcasting personnel to connect with leading suppliers in the industry.

  • Cover for the April 2014 issue of Modern Casting

    April 2014

    In the April issue of MODERN CASTING, we detail the latest expansion for Blackhawk de Mexico, one of the country’s leading metalcasters. Also, our in-depth look at rapid and additive manufacturing highlights potential benefits for the industry.

  • Cover for the March 2014 issue of Modern Casting

    March 2014

    March’s MODERN CASTING examines a charity’s use of an innovative casting to help HIV/AIDS survivors in Africa. Also, in preparation for April's 118th Metalcasting Congress, we give you anything and everything you'll need in our pre-show coverage.

  • Cover for the February 2014 issue of Modern Casting

    February 2014

    The February issue of MODERN CASTING looks at Palmer Foundry and its emphasis on statistical analysis to operate efficiently and intelligently. Also, the Chassix facility in Columbus, Ga., revamped its cooling system to ensure the induction melt operations can run continuously.

  • Cover for the January 2014 issue of Modern Casting

    January 2014

    The January issue of Modern Casting features the U.S. metalcasting industry forecast, which reports casting sales are expected to top $37 billion in 2016. This issue also features a profile of investment caster O'Fallon Casting, an examination of aging's effect on material properties, and a discussion of methods to improve visual inspection of casting surfaces.

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