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Modern Casting Archives for 2012

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  • Cover for the December 2012 issue of Modern Casting

    December 2012

    The December 2012 issue of MODERN CASTING contains the results of the annual global census of casting production. See how casting volumes have changed in the last year for all the major casting producing nations in the world. Also, read a profile on A&B Foundry, learn fall prevention tips, and study three alternatives to olivine sand.

  • Cover for the November 2012 issue of Modern Casting

    November 2012

    The annual Buyers Guide issue provides a directory of listings to casting industry suppliers and service providers. This issue also includes articles on magnesium investment casting, calculating total part cost with your customer, and determining the cost/benefit of 100% inspections.

  • Cover for the October 2012 issue of Modern Casting

    October 2012

    The October issue of MODERN CASTING provides tips for hiring and retaining plant workers, a new method for determining binder work time, and an update on copper’s antimicrobial status. Also, Grede’s new acquisition in Radford, Va., is profiled.

  • Cover for the September 2012 issue of Modern Casting

    September 2012

    The September issue of MODERN CASTING shows how one facility made adjustments to its mold design to increase capacity and productivity. The issue also looks at choosing an ERP system and avoiding zinc diecasting defects. Our Testing 1-2-3 feature takes a look at research on modeling mechanical properties during heat treatment.

  • Cover for the 2012-2013 issue of Modern Casting


    This special supplement to MODERN CASTING features information on various suppliers to the metalcasting industry.

  • Cover for the August 2012 issue of Modern Casting

    August 2012

    In this issue of MODERN CASTING, we profile Olson Aluminum castings and its new nobake casting line, provide melt deck safety tips, and share how one OEM found an innovative way to obtain prototype castings.

  • Cover for the July 2012 issue of Modern Casting

    July 2012

    The July issue of MODERN CASTING presents a profile of steel component maker Bay Cast Inc., touches on environmental advancements in seacoal, provides information on particulate matter and storm water regulations and gives a look at an experimental method of maintaining die temperature with standard cameras.

  • Cover for the June 2012 issue of Modern Casting

    June 2012

    Eck Industries is announced as the 2012 Metalcaster of the Year in this issue of MODERN CASTING. Additional articles look at ways to improve cash flow, planning for the next generation of ownership, and the status of legislation and regulation affecting the industry. In the Testing 1-2-3 feature, researchers studied the precise differences between two forms of SiC addition for cupola melting.

  • Cover for the May 2012 issue of Modern Casting

    May 2012

    The May 2012 issue of MODERN CASTING presents this year’s Casting of the Year winner as well as post show coverage of the 116th Metalcasting Congress. Other features touch on rapid manufacturing and choosing a crucible.

  • Cover for the April 2012 issue of Modern Casting

    April 2012

    In this issue, brush up on your purchasing habits with several articles focused on buying materials and equipment, including investments in molding and melting, choosing a world-class supplier and determining ROI. The issue also includes the results of a purchasing survey conducted by MODERN CASTING.

  • Cover for the March 2012 issue of Modern Casting

    March 2012

    In this issue, read about the several-ton castings used in New Orleans' pump station and AC Foundry's path to beef up its engineering and casting capabilities. Plus, get a preview of the 116th Metalcasting Congress held in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Cover for the February 2012 issue of Modern Casting

    February 2012

    In this issue, take a look at the lost foam facility of BRP in Spruce Pine, N.C., hear from two tooling companies on changes in the industry, and read new research on casting wrought aluminum alloys.

  • Cover for the January 2012 issue of Modern Casting

    January 2012

    The issue includes the 2012 North American casting industry forecast, a profile of investment casting company Barron Industries, and a feature on how Pacific Alloy is using solar energy to stave off its reliance on carbon fuels.

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