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Modern Casting Archives for 2011

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  • Cover for the December 2011 issue of Modern Casting

    December 2011

    This issue includes the often referenced annual global census of casting producing nations in 2010, as well as a census of U.S. metalcasting facilities. Other articles include a peek at the emerging ablation casting process, a profile of Charlotte Pipe & Foundry, and a round-up of ERP software geared toward metalcasters.

  • Cover for the November 2011 issue of Modern Casting

    November 2011

    This issue contains the annual Buyers Guide--a directory of metalcasting vendors and service providers. Also in this issue, read how the American wheel manufacturing industry has changed and what is in store for the future, garner tips on how to reduce amine use in your core room, and learn how casting process modeling is aiding the transition to no-lead copper alloys.

  • Cover for the October 2011 issue of Modern Casting

    October 2011

    This issue delves into thermal reclamation, including a round-up of equipment suppliers. Also included is a casting case study surrounding fire hydrants, a study on core shrinkage, and tips to improve ergonomics at your facility.

  • Cover for the September 2011 issue of Modern Casting

    September 2011

    This issue features the last in a three-part series on raw material shortages. This month, metal supply concerns are addressed. The issue also introduces emerging metalcasting player Harvey Industries LLC, profiles various casting solidification software, and provides tips for better pouring and improved crucible life.

  • Cover for the August 2011 issue of Modern Casting

    August 2011

    This issue includes articles on ferrous metalcaster Oil City Iron Works, the available supply of rare earth elements and other melt additives, the science of single crystal casting, and the technology on display at GIFA 2011.

  • Cover for the July 2011 issue of Modern Casting

    July 2011

    This issue includes articles on Japanese job shop Koyama Foundry, castings that heal themselves, growing apprehension about a sand supply shortage, how to fix high sand temperatures, and a metalcaster that pushed its binder levels to the bare minimum.

  • Cover for the June 2011 issue of Modern Casting

    June 2011

    This issue includes articles on Metalcaster of the Year Caterpillar Mapleton, EPA regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, GM's push toward safer metalcasting facilities, quality in aluminum castings, and a conversion to casting by OEM Besler Industries.

  • Cover for the May 2011 issue of Modern Casting

    May 2011

    This issue includes articles on the 2011 Casting Competition winners, prototype specialist Craft Pattern and Mold, insulating versus exothermic riser sleeves, and the 115th Metalcasting Congress.

  • Cover for the April 2011 issue of Modern Casting

    April 2011

    In this special "green" issue, read about reducing costs through conservation, potential casting markets that are good for the environment, tips for recycling your sand and becoming a practical green casting industry.

  • Cover for the March 2011 issue of Modern Casting

    March 2011

    This issue includes a profile of Minnesota metalcaster Pier Foundry, an article on solidifying under pressure for improved properties and a report on the true cost of gate removal and cleaning.

  • Cover for the February 2011 issue of Modern Casting

    February 2011

    This issue takes a look at TV mount maker Peerless Industries and its in-house diecasting facility and includes articles on combatting combustible dust, analyzing your ferrous charge, using simulation software to improve customer service and reading your customer's mind.

  • Cover for the January 2011 issue of Modern Casting

    January 2011

    This issue shares the story of aluminum caster Carley Foundry and includes the 2011 metalcasting forecast. Other features focus on choosing blast media, pricing for profit and U.S. casting production data.

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