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Bremen announces agreement to use 3-D printing technology

December 19, 2017

AFS Corporate Member Bremen Castings Inc. (Bremen, Indiana) and Eaton (Dublin, Ireland) entered into an agreement to accelerate product development for hydraulics customers by using 3-D printing technology. BCI and Eaton will use a 3-D printer from AFS Corporate Member ExOne in the foundry and machine shop at BCI.

This technology will give both companies access to print 3-D sand molds and cores used in the iron casting process.

“Utilizing 3-D printing in this way lays the groundwork for both companies to save time in material, tooling, engineering, inventory, transportation, and startup cost for new projects,” JB Brown, president, BCI, said in a news release. “The addition of this 3-D printer allows BCI to produce cores and molds for low-volume work and prototypes without producing expensive and time-consuming tooling for customers.”

“Along with our foundry and machine shop, BCI can supply a true, machined-complete prototype casting to customers before final approval, adding value to our customers by shortening the timeline of bringing new product to market,” the company said in a news release. “BCI looks forward to this new relationship with Eaton and continuing to bring jobs of the future to the Bremen area.”

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