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Waupaca Foundry – Plant 6 Provides Free Training to Community

April 18, 2017

Waupaca Foundry – Plant 6 (Etowah, Tennessee) gave free certified OSHA training to participants of a local program.

According to a report from The Chatanoogan, Gordon Michaud, maintenance department training coordinator at Waupaca, taught OSHA 10 classes to members of The Refuge,  a program to help disadvantaged people train for employment. Waupaca teamed with Cleveland State Community College’s OneSource Workforce Development.

“Education and training build sustainability for those who seek it out and follow through,” Michaud said, according to the report. “The training provides entry level general industry workers’ safety information so people with no experience in an industrial setting have the information needed to help them work safely in an industrial field.”

“We have great people who work hard every day,” Sam Greene, plant manager, told The Chatanoogan. “We support their efforts to volunteer in our community. Our organization is successful thanks to our work force so it’s our turn to help the community where we can.”

The report said that Waupaca covered the cost for 20 participants. 

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