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Flow Science Releases Flow-3D Cast v4.2

June 29, 2016

Flow Science, Santa Fe, New Mexico, announced that it has released a new version of FLOW-3D Cast, its software for the metalcasting industry. FLOW-3D Cast v4.2 offers an advanced What You See Is What You Need (WYSIWYN) interface, process-oriented workspaces and a new die spray cooling model.

FLOW-3D Cast v4.2’s WYSIWYN design methodology places the most important information at the top level so that users can quickly see and act on what options need to be set.

Following the design principle of WYSIWYN, FLOW-3D Cast v4.2 introduces the first process-oriented workspace for high pressure die casting. Users are guided through the distinct stages of a high pressure die casting process – thermal die cycling, filling, solidification, and cooling.

For an extensive description of the improvements in the v4.2 release, go to:

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