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Dalton Purchased By Speyside Equity

May 16, 2016

Speyside Equity, New York, announced it has purchased Dalton Foundry, Warsaw, Indiana, from Neenah Enterprises. According to a news release, the sale was completed May 2, 2016. The Warsaw casting facility and a machining plant in Stryker, Ohio were included in the deal.

Dalton has annual revenues of $70 million and manufactures grey iron castings for numerous markets.

Speyside was founded in 2005 and has invested in specialty chemicals, industrials, metal forming and food ingredients. Neenah Enterprises, Neenah, Wisconsin, specializes in ductile iron castings, municipal castings and industrial castings.

“Dalton has a tremendous legacy and Speyside has a strong track record in the industry,” said Jeffrey A. Stone, managing director, Speyside Equity.  “We are excited to partner with management to drive exceptional performance.”

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