New Version of Simulation Software Set for Release

December 8, 2015

Flow Science Inc., Sante Fe, N.M., announced the released a new version of FLOW-3D Cast, its software specially designed for metalcasters. FLOW-3D Cast v4.1 offers powerful advances in modeling capabilities, accuracy and performance.

Active Simulation Control, one of the software’s new features, gives users the ability to control time-dependent events. For example, the transition to the fast shot stage during high pressure diecasting can be synchronized with metal arriving at the in-gates. Diecasting users will also benefit from the addition of a squeeze pin model, a faster and more accurate thermal die cycling model, and the ability to use a P-Q2 diagram to realistically control the motion of the shot sleeve plunger. Two other featured enhancements include the automation of post-processing and report generation. With batch post-processing, users can request their results ahead of time and then generate HTML-based reports that can be easily shared to communicate results and analyses.

Other key models and improvements include:

  • Improved runtimes and solver optimization.
  • Cavitation model.
  • Extensions to the air entrainment model.
  • Enhanced cooling channels.
  • Valves and vents.
  • Intensification pressure model.
  • Quick calculators.
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