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Texas Metalcaster Tops 2 Million Hours Without Lost Time Injury

October 14, 2015

Southwest Steel Casting Co., Longview, Texas, passed two million hours without a lost time injury September 15. The facility, which produces steel castings from 10-4,500 lbs., implemented a “We Are Serious About Safety” program in 2010 that focused on a team approach to workplace safety and rewarded employees for their performance. Since the realization of the new plan, Southwest Steel has been honored a number of safety-related honors, receiving the Steel Founder’s Society award and being named a top-five company in the OSHA-appointed industry code.

“This accomplishment is a testament to the great people we have working at Southwest,” said Harry Phillips, Southwest Steel president. “When you really think about the processes at this facility—pouring molten metal, welding operations, cutting operations, grinding operations—I think you can appreciate just how much this accomplishment means to us. I am very proud of each employee.”

Southwest Steel Casting Co. is a nobake casting facility serving energy, construction, transportation, marine and mining industries.

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