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Can-Eng to Build Heat Treatment System for Auto Manufacturer

September 30, 2015

Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd., Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, has been contracted to manufacture an automated system for the heat treatment of thin-walled high pressure aluminum diecastings by a California-based automotive manufacturer.

The new high volume heat treating system includes a solution furnace with customized structural product fixtures, Can-Eng’s Precision Air Quench (PAQ) system, an artificial aging system and controls integrated into a Level II SCADA system. The PAQ system integrates a combination of recirculating air chambers, distribution nozzles, dampers and directional ductwork that uniformly delivers conditioned quench media leading to repeatable and uniform property and dimensional results. Quench parameters are developed for each component and once validated can be integrated as part of the product recipe.  

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