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Web Browser-Based User Interface for Metalcasters

April 21, 2015

B&L Information Systems, Bridgman, Mich., has launched Odyssey 4.7 MR1 for general availability. For this software update, B&L built additional time into the Odyssey release cycle to allow B&L’s R&D department to coordinate the beta release of the new browser-based web user interface with the Windows user interface release cycle for Odyssey.

The web user interface version of the Shop Floor Manager is available immediately for all users, while the full version of the web user interface for all Odyssey modules is available as a limited release beta. This zero-client ERP technology eliminates the need for metalcasters to use specialty devices and third-party software interfaces. The Shop Floor Manager may be used with any browser-based device, including laptops and tablets. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, FireFox and Chrome.

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