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Inorganic Binder System Improves Core Shakeout, Stability

February 5, 2015

ASK Chemicals, Hilden, Germany, announced the debut of INOTEC TC 5000 and INOTEC HS 3000, the latest developments in its inorganic binding technology. The new products promise to improve shakeout and higher moisture stability of cores.

The INOTEC binding technology provide metalcasters with odorless core production and odor-reduced castings. Additionally, the binding systems lower cleaning required for machines and tools, which can improve productivity in metalcasting facilities. Inorganic binder systems also offer advantages that can result in stronger components.

INOTEC TC 5000 complements the positive qualities of the previous generation in regard to penetration-free and sand-adhesion-free casting surfaces. It also improves collapsibility properties in light metal casting, improves immediate strength levels and increases storage life of cores. The system is 100% inorganic, leaves no residual condensate deposits in the tooling, and does not cause smoke to form during the casting process.

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