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Update Released for Simulation Software

July 7, 2014

Flow Science Inc., Sante Fe, N.M., recently released FLOW-3D Cast, version 4, a computational fluid dynamics simulation software. Based on the recent solver for FLOW-3D version 11, FLOW-3D Cast offers users new simulation tools to improve metal castings.

The updated software features the Model Setup panel that reduces the time required to create real-world simulations. Users are guided through the simulation setup process by the setup panels at the left side of the Model Setup window. Elements of the casting process are entered by their actual names (for example, mold, casting parts, filters) and appropriate physical models are activated automatically.

“The driving factor behind the development of FLOW-3D Cast has always been to closely reflect the workflow and needs of our customers so that they can improve product development, speed up production and deliver high-quality products to market before their competitors,” said John Ditter, VP of software engineering.

Key updates to the software include:

  • A thermal stress model that predicts stresses and deformations in solid and solidified parts in response to pressure forces.
  • Improvements for modeling cooling channels in dies.
  • Improved capabilities for modeling the generation of gasses from sand cores.
  • Faster simulation times.
  • A Simulation Manager function in the graphical user interface, allowing users to manage their simulations better, both before and as they run, and to visualize the progress of simulations.
  • User interface improvements that ease simulation setup.
  • FlowSight, a new state-of-the-art postprocessor capable of analyzing results in ways not previously possible.
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