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Abrasive Saw Designed for Large Workpieces

June 4, 2014

The Model K26E large capacity abrasive saw from Kalamazoo Industries, Kalamazoo, Mich., is designed for metalcasting facilities and other metal working operations handling large workpieces.

KalamazooSawThe machine offers a range of options for virtually any type of cut in workpieces up to 7-in. pipe, 5-in. solids, and 8-in. shapes. The saw is entirely enclosed with a 6-in. outlet and is available for either wet or dry cutting. It accepts 26-in. diameter abrasive wheels and can be ordered with motors from 20-50 horsepower.

Available options on the Model K26E saw include oscillation for “mirror-surface” cutting, wheel-wear compensation, cam vise clamping, a vacuum dust collector, door interlocks, bed filter/pump system, T-slot tables and a moveable X-axis table. The Model K26E saw features semi-automatic 0-12 ft./min. power down feed, air chain vise, V-belt drive and spindle speeds of 1,200 RPM for wet cutting and 1,800 RPM for dry cutting.

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