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Hoists Operate Quietly, Efficiently

May 27, 2014

The Profi TI hoist range from J.D. Neuhaus, Witten, Germany, has been upgraded to offer quieter operation, faster lifting/lowering speeds and increased energy efficiency. The Profi TI range operates from either a four- or six-bar air supply with ideal hoists in 3-50 metric ton lift capacity range.

Hoists are available with lift capacities up to 100 metric tons. The Profi hoists also can be used in tandem or parallel configurations to provide safe lifting for larger or extra heavy loads. Profi hoists all feature single point top suspension. Optional control systems can be fitted for varying hoist controls, including universally applicable rope/chain types.

For lighter-duty operations, the J.D. Neuhaus Mini hoist range is available for individual powered lift applications of 275, 550, 1,100 and 2,160 lbs., operating at six-bar air pressure. These are flexible and universally deployable hoist tools for a wide range of workshop operations including horizontal pulling. A manually operated overhead trolley is also available for beam mounting, together with a manipulator version of the Mini which facilitates single-handed lift/lower/traverse and load positioning operations.

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