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Semi-Automatic Band Saw for Heavy-Duty Production

February 15, 2014

The Model KS450 semi-automatic band saw from Kalamazoo Machine Tool, Portage, Mich., is designed for heavy-duty production sawing.

KMTSaws The frame is canted five degrees to easily cut through the bottom of a structural section without vibration or a reduction in sawing rate. The saw has a variable speed blade from 60 to 360 ft./min. and is capable of sawing solids and structural shapes up to 14 in. at 90 degrees in full cycle, semi-automatic operation. It also can double miter 60 degrees to the left or right.

The Model KS450 features massive components for vibration-free production cutting, fully hydraulic operation and a free-standing operator console. When the operator pushes a single button, the saw frame automatically senses the material size. The saw frame makes the cut at the pre-set rate, then returns automatically to clear the workpiece.

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