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ABB Develops Robotic Machine Tending Software System

August 8, 2013

ABB, Zurich, Germany, has introduced a system of robotic machine tending software for processes ranging from diecasting to injection molding and machining.

ABB Web The PC-based RobotStudio Machine Tending PowerPac and the controller-based RobotWare Machine Tending software allow for simulation, validation and optimization to be completed in 3-D. Everything from cycle times to post-processing capabilities can be simulated virtually before implementation.

“It’s easy, fast and flexible to program machine tending cells, and our control software is usable by less skilled workers,” said Terry Crunk, machine tending specialist. “These are things our customers are always requesting.”

The RobotStudio Machine Tending PowerPac—an add-on for RobotStudio, ABB’s PC-based programming tool—provides a platform for the creation and editing of machine tending robot cells in 3-D. In addition, safety is simplified with the capability to define safe home position movements in a virtual environment.

The RobotWare Machine Tending is designed to be a controller-based programming and configuration tool, which also is integrated with the PowerPac. The graphical user interface allows for production monitoring and control, as well as automatic program and part selection. Although the interface has been designed so that lesser skilled personnel can control most common tasks, the software provides unlimited access to rapid coding tools for more advanced users.

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